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3D Foot Centre Netherlands

Working in our podiatric practice is a team of experienced and qualified podiatrists who have attended the 4-year course in podiatry at the Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven.
At 3D-VCN, through the use of the latest 3-dimensional scanning equipment, we strive to relate the foot shape used in orthopaedic insoles to the podiatric corrective elements, while the functionality and low tolerance level of the podiatric soles remain guaranteed.
The (foot) complaints that a Podiatrist treats can vary from the child that is underperforming during Phys Ed, the (active) athlete who would like to continue to achieve optimal performance, or the 80-year-old who would like to be able to walk for an hour without any complaints.
It may also concern complaints arising from the proper or not functioning of the feet, e.g. knee, hip, and/or back problems and overload due to lots of standing and walking.


Direct access podiatry

As of August 1, 2011 you no longer need to be referred to the podiatrist. Of course, you may still make a previous appointment with the GP. But in principle this is no longer necessary. Which has advantages. It means you may ‘directly’ consult the feet specialist. So that you may ‘directly’ start working towards your recovery. The GP remains central in the coordination of your care.
The podiatrist will continue to inform the GP, unless you indicate that you do not want this. If you decide to go straight to the podiatrist he will first perform a so-called screening. This means that he he will first ascertain whether you have come to the right place at the podiatrist. If not, then he may for example, send you to your GP.
If you can be treated by the podiatrist, he, or one of his colleagues, will go to work in consultation with you. And that’s good to know. After all, the sooner you can be treated, the faster you will recover.


Team 3D-VCN